So I broke up with Little Debbie…now what?!



Okay who am I kidding I haven’t been doing much of either lately.  Sure I get a little exercise from cleaning my own house, doing yard work and chasing kids, but I cancelled my gym membership almost two years ago. My squat, lunges, and dumbbell routine has prevented a gravity disaster, but that body pump class worked wonders!

So why did I quit?  Like most moms, it just didn’t fit into my schedule easily.  Now I know you are saying, “But you don’t work!”  True.  However, the class was and hour after carline drop off .  Too little time to warrant going back hometown start my Cinderella duties, and nowhere to go but Lowes and Walmart.  And I surely can’t keep plants from wilting or food from thawing in the hell known as our climate for most of the year down South!

However, gettin’ younger I ain’t , and as my younger friend pointed out, “Your 30 year class reunion will be here before you know it so you better get cracklackin! Did I mention she is a Crossfit junkie…Maybe I will give a try! Until then, however, MyFitnessPal just moved up on my friend list…



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