Hot Steamy Buns!


Not that kind silly!  I mean getting those burgers your man loves to grill in a bun that would make Krystal lovers drool!  And it is really so simple: just take burgers hot off the grill, place in buns, slip them all back into the store bought bag, seal, and enjoy!

Now for the great secret ingredient that will make your plain ol’ everyday burgers seem extraordinary and leave them begging for the recipe and another serving:


What at I am about to tell you next blew my mind…my husband who hates to cook or grill found it!  We reconnected this summer on a trip by ourselves ( can you believe it?), and he came back a new man, with the program and eager to please (and cook)!  I was so impressed with his efforts and the results I can’t help but brag!

Happy Grillin’ Ya’ll !


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