Breaking the law in carline!



I am normally a law abiding citizen, but today has been CRAY- CRAY!  Just me saying that is crazy…I don’t even talk like that.  But today I am beside myself!  When I needed a drink at 9 am over this blog I knew I was in trouble.  So instead of sinking that low, I sought help…professional help….not that kind, even though I need it!  I went to a computer tech, and after an hour that cost me a hundred, I felt better.

I raced to McDonald’s to try and implement the final suggestions only to find out I am too dumb to connect my husband’s laptop to their free wifi ( can’t wait for my new Mac!) before I had to be in carline.  My sugar was getting low because I hadn’t even eaten all day, but I pushed through!  After wasting my time in futile attempts, I raced to carline.  This is where it gets worse…

Not only was I texting while rolling through the line, but I asked for child who isn’t  mine because I confused the day of our play date!  My mind was on the damn blog instead of what I was doing!  I LEFT WITH THE CHILD!!!!  Thank goodness she is old enough for a cell phone because halfway down the road her dad called.  I did a sharp u-turn and sped back to the school ignoring the speed limit in a school zone.  I am surprised I wasn’t arrested…I can see my mugshot and the headline now!

After exchanging apologizes with the dad and receiving daggers from school staff, I headed to a friend’s house to regroup.  Of course, I vented…and that’s where it got worse.  Her ten year old, overhearing, said, ” I can do websites.  We learned that in school.”  My own child then jumped up and screamed, ” I told you I could help!

So, I wasted a hundred, kidnapped a child, and as I am cooking dinner right now I have almost forgotten my child at gymnastics because I just set the stove on fire while lighting a gas burner that had errant spaghetti noodles nearby…ugh! I need a glass (or two) of wine!


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