Tailgate Grub!


So I know I am from the South, and I hate to even be associated with the term…but man oh man is this dip good!  It is cheap, fast and super easy!  OK I am gonna say it, “White Trash Dip.”

Men LOVE it!  What’s not to love. It is just a can of spicy chili with beans, a little Frank’s Hot Sauce (I told you I don’t measure!), a block of cream cheese, a few chopped jalapeño peppers… Microwave to sauce and mix together.  Top with sharp cheddar, slices of jalapeño, and crumbled bacon ( microwave bacon is great but tear it straight from the box and let the oven crisp it).. Bake at 350 for 10 mins. Or until melted and slightly bubbly!

Grab a bag of Frito Scoops and get ready for kickoff girlfriend!



Let the pigskin fly!


Football down South is not a pastime, a sporting event you watch or attend, or even just your man’s passion. It is a religion here in Alabama!  I mean people are beyond obsessed!

I knew this Mississippi girl was in trouble within days of moving here when a man saw me wearing an orange tank and yelled, “War Eagle!” I had never lived anywhere where people wear school colors all year long and kids balk at wearing tiny smidgen ofthe enemy’s color in a Polo shirt to church!

Yet I must admit it was infectious.  For the first time ever I was excited to gather and watch with friends…to see children forge lasting friendships…too actually enjoy the backyard we and others have put so much energy into making what most would think is a resort.

I’m Just glad my Mississippi teams are finally proving a worthy opponents to these formidable forces here in Alabama!

RTR, Hotty Toddy, Go Dawgs…and maybe, just to be nice, War Damn Eagle!


What’s for dinner?


Let’s talk PORK!

And by that I mean a “Slap yo Momma” It’s so good pork chop recipe!  I got the idea from a fabulous Big Green Egg griller named Scott Martin.  He marinates his ribs for two hours in apple juice and apple cider vinegar after searing them on the Egg before he bastes and cooks them.

Now I must confess I do not measure EVER..but if I had to guess I marinated my pan seared ( flour seasoned with dry zesty Italian mix) center cut, bone in chops in about a 1/4 cup of Apple cider vinegar and a cup of apple juice for 30 minutes in the Pyrex dish I intend to bake them in for 30 mins. In the fridge.

After that, I poured half the liquid off and bastes heavily with a BBQ sauce, honey, soy sauce mixture.  I added a little more apple juice around the chops for moisture, covered with foil and baked for 2 hrs. on 275…

So dang tender I could barely serve them to my little birds at the bar without them falling apart!

Bon Appetit

The road to self-improvement


So I absolutely hate “selfies” but I admit I took one this morning. Posting one will be a first for me, however. Yet, minus the burn mark on my right cheek from doing the chemical peel, I am loving the lifted arches in my brows from the Botox…and it is only the first day!  I am a little worried about my friend though. She already has fabulous arches and smoothing out that lovely furrow we all get between our brows and hitting those lovely crow’s feet may make hers go into the hairline, leaving her looking like a character any “Trekie” would love! So now to be brave:


My husband teased me about looking 18 again, and that’s why I love that boy…he can lie so well! (He is soon getting lucky tonight…)

And then just when you are so stinking proud of your (costly) results, the first thing I had waiting for me on Facebook was THIS


So guess who may be trying this product soon??  Maybe you should too…

Defying age and gravity.


Somehow between packing lunches and braiding hair, I looked just long enough in the mirror to see those laugh lines that i don’t find one bit funny.  To make matters worse, all my friends are ten years younger than me since my second set of kids are the same age as theirs!  So what did I do?  I convinced my much younger friend that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” so she would join me for a quick liquid lunch break called Botox.  I wish I could say my neurosis ended there, but sadly it did not.  We picked up a real lunch and made a dash to her house for a chemical peel!  Hopefully it works without causing a Rosacea flare up (another mid-aged newbie for me) because I am already humming in my headed Cher’s song, “If I Could Turn Back Time”!